We help healthcare organisations change the way they deliver care to improve patient, healthcare and clinical outcomes.

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Saint Health provide a range of technical solutions and consultancy services to help you get the most from eHealth. We will work with you, your organisation and your stakeholders to uncover the best possible solutions.


With extensive experience and an established methodology we ensure your projects deliver beyond expectations...

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Effectively engage end users of your new products from the outset...

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Develop bespoke solutions in record time at affordable prices with our agile methods and rapid prototyping...

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  • …they were willing to go the extra mile to get things done
    Tech Startup
  • “working in partnership with you has proven a really valuable experience and learning opportunity for many of us at the CCG and one that I’m sure we will draw upon for many years”
    Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), London
  • very clear thinking and structured approach and brought a lot of knowledge of current health and social care issues to the table
    Director of Adult Services
    County Council
  • brought clarity to the IT requirements process combining clinical insight with in-depth IT understanding
    IT Lead
    NHS Foundation Trust
  • Actionable Data

    Our starting point is to identify opportunities to leverage the power of data. Data sources may be pre-existing, embedded in systems or require co-design of effective systems of data capture. Our emphasis is always on the value and practical utility of data, designing systems which are unobtrusive and sit with ease in the existing ecosystem.

  • Community Engagement

    To optimise the benefit of technical solutions we believe effective engagement with the communities and stakeholders affected is crucial. Systems and solutions that miss this stage - or don't do it effectively enough - usually fail. Our consultancy and co-design approach ensures that affected communities - geographic, cultural, demographic - online or in person - are effectively engaged, able to have their voice heard and valued ideas realised

  • Transformation

    Once the 1) and 2) of St Health change, above are underway, meaningful, valued transformation can take place, modernising healthcare services, realising new benefits from new ways of working, optimising the effectiveness and reach of your health and social care services

SyncHealth - an app for use by people with, or at risk of, diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease.

Gain control over your healthcare by monitoring your vital signs and obtaining timely advice on how best to manage your condition. Share data with your team and get feedback direct from registered health professionals

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