SyncHealth - for people with, or at risk of, diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Record, graph and share your vital signs and blood glucose readings. Stay on top of your condition, share readings with your care team and be at the centre of your care and treatment. Get feedback and notifications when you may need help from health professionals, combine and synchronise your data with data held by your health team and maximise the benefits, enhancing and personalising your care.


Record blood pressure, pulse and blood sugar readings. Keep a record to graph changes over time. Synchronise with Apple Health data and record data wirelessly. 


Send these data to your GP or health team, share with family/friends and get access to top quality advice and guidance to enable to you better manage your condition.


Your data is stored securely in the UK and is never shared with anyone without your consent. Only yourself and people you choose to share your data with will see it.


Make best use of your time to improve your health. Receive timely reminders and suggestions to help you manage your health more effectively.

What's Next?

Pipeline products include a Digital Healthcare interface whereby clinicians can undertake a range of health care assessments and interventions remotely online. This will enable individual consultations and larger scale, group consultations which can 'plug-in' to social media. This further pushes out the propensity for personalised healthcare delivered digitally.

Real time feedback on how you’re doing, based on results you record

Access to and control over your health records

Access to meaningful information to keep you up-to-date

In app messaging, you can send messages to your GP or others

Clinically moderated forums to ensure information acuracy

Compare your progress anonymously with others

Link with peers with similar conditions to motivate and compare progress

Improve your health and wellbeing with social health support in lifestyle changes

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