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  • Anyone for Boris?

    31st May 2016 - London's living room, County Hall, SE1
    As one of three finalists of the Tech Londoners GLA Programme - first phase: chronic disease management - we present our findings to a buzzing audience of interested parties including representatives of the local health economy, academics, accelerators and - possibly - a few potential investors.
     The slideshow goes down well - like seafood from a south London gastro-pub (one on the right side of environmental health, of course) - and we certainly seem to have fulfilled the brief which was to learn from co-design work and use this learning to shape technology products that would be of some use in helping to fight chronic disease. What’s more, we were apparently to be awarded a host of really helpful goodies including entry onto the Mass Challenge UK accelerator - at least this is what was announced at the event and the literature. My mother always warned me against getting my hopes up and sadly this did not materialise for reasons which are still not entirely clear but I imagine had something to do with the personnel changes happening around us at the time. We will revisit this with the powers that be at some point but the really valuable thing which came out of it for us was the fact that our products - with the help of the people who would ultimately use them - were now starting to take shape.
  • Sandy Shaw

    Despite the shifting sands of Thames time - new Mayor - easily forseeable - Brexit to come, foreseeable only by the outgoing Mayor, apparently - the lasting message of the day for us was in the main outputs from the co-design workshops - from the People of London, no less. Facilitated with the welcome help of London Southbank University’s ‘People's Academy’ - the only people we’ve had follow up dealings with since, the message from the people was - and is - about

    Accessible services
    Advocacy – sharing knowledge of existing patients and carers
    Multi-disciplinary and inter-service communication improvements
    Being ‘joined up’ – coordinated response and engagement

    So, Mass Challenge UK, people of London, Liverpool or anywhere, how do we translate such themes into useful, usable software? How do we bridge these gaps? The first step as a 'lean start-up' was to create a 'minimum viable product'. O.K. - web or mobile? Plumping for the latter as something more readily doable which could start to shape the larger project, we could demonstrate an MVP which would start to solve such issues with our own investment.

  • Candy App

    Intended for release later in June on both Apple and Android using the Ionic framework to rapidly prototype and develop a simple app which harnesses user created health data - blood pressure, height, weight (BMI) and blood sugar. Using simple logic to feedback readings to the user and enabling sharing of these data to realise another dimension of user created health data - social health. Unlocking further value of data by enabling sharing by the user with healthcare professionals for expert feedback. Furthermore, linking users to trusted social networks can boost the power of social health enabling dimensions of self-advocacy and patient/user engagement. The app therefore addresses 2, 3 and 5 of the co-design workshop themes. The web app to come, further tackles these and the remaining themes. Current thought is in developing a digital nursing interface enabling views across data - patient health and provider produced, thus giving the widest possible view of patient health indicators and enabling engagement of health groups via social networks such as Health Unlocked. Such an application could enhance personalised care whilst simultaneously scaling it up. Simples. 
    As with any start-up there have been delays and issues but once we understood overall requirements we built the app in record time - 30 days. Our new website expresses much more what we’re about and we are now actively seeking investors for the next stage of the journey. We are also, of course, ready now to start engaging potential clients so if you’re involved in healthcare provision in any way - as commissioner, primary secondary or tertiary care - public or private sector, we’d love to hear from you.